Emerging Innovator - Intellectual Assets Index for Europe

Intellectual assets captures different forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) generated by the innovation process, including PCT patent applications, Trademark applications, and Design applications.

Intellectual assets
o PCT patent applications per billion GDP (in PPS)
o Trademark applications per billion GDP (in PPS)
o Design applications per billion GDP (in PPS)


Calculating the Intellectual Assets Index

Overview of positive and negative outliersPositive / Negative outlier
Intellectual assets 
3.3.1 PCT patent applicationsFI: 2011-2014; SE: 2011-2018; IL: 2011-2018
3.3.2 Trademark applicationsCY: 2015-2021; LU: 2014-2017; MT: 2014-2021
3.3.3 Design applicationsBG: 2014, 2015; LU: 2014-2016; MT: 2014-2018
Innovation dimension / IndicatorSkewness Skewness after trans-formation
Intellectual assets  
3.3.1 PCT patent applications1.0580.567
3.3.2 Trademark applications1.6640.533
3.3.3 Design applications0.563