Emerging Innovator - Firm Investments Index for Europe

Firm investments includes three indicators on R&D and Non-R&D investments that firms make to generate innovations including Business R&D expenditures, Non-R&D innovation expenditures, and Innovation expenditures per person employed.

Firm investments
o R&D expenditures business sector (% of GDP)
o Non-R&D innovation expenditures (% of turnover)
o Innovation expenditure per person employed


Calculating the Firm investments Index

Overview of positive and negative outliersPositive / Negative outlier
Firm investments 
2.2.1 R&D expenditure in the business sectorIL: 2013-2020
2.2.2 Non-R&D innovation expendituresRS: 2016-2020; TR: 2013-2017
2.2.3 Innovation expenditure per person employedBE: 2016-2018; DE: 2014-2018; SE: 2011-2018
Innovation dimension / IndicatorSkewness Skewness after trans-formation
Firm investments  
2.2.1 R&D expenditure in the business sector0.633 
2.2.2 Non-R&D innovation expenditures1.4510.374
2.2.3 Innovation expenditure per person employed0.627